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Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paul K. Wainaina with the Phamarcy and Poison Board Members and Kenyatta University Staff from School of Pharmacy. The board visited KU for re-inspection of the University Pharmaceutical Programmes,
Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum mapping workshop in collaboration with Nottingham University under the SPHEIR project in Naivasha on 8th-10th May 2019,
Students visit to Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS),
Students Practicum in a Medicinal Garden,
The Dean, Dr. Gladys Mwangi with Members of the School in a social event,

Position: Associate Professor
Department: Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry And Pharmaceutics & Industrial Pharmacy 
Contact Address: P.O. BOX, 43844-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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As an Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy at Kenyatta University (KU), my expertise is in teaching, research and innovation in the areas of Pharmacognosy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Nutrition in therapy and Chemical Ecology.
I am the founding Director of the “National Phytotherapeutics Research Centre” based at Kenyatta University.
Previously, I was Director of KU Funeral Home, the founding Chairman of the department of Pharmacy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (PCAM) at KU (currently the School of Pharmacy), the founding chairman of the KU Ethics Review Committee.
I am the Board Chairman of the Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre (CBIIC) at KU, and previously board member of the KU Research Review and Advisory Board (URRAB), Confucius Institute, KU Funeral Home. I am the Deputy Editor of the Kenya National R&D Journal and an Editor of the East and Central Africa Medical Journal.
I am a member of the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Technical Working Group – on the Kenya Health Act no 21 of 2017.In addition to publishing several scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, I have one Patent granted by KIPI.

My passion is use and promotion of natural solutions to health problems.

Research & Publications

  • Onyambu MO, Gikonyo NK, Nyambaka HN and Thoithi GN. (2019). A Review of Trends in Herbal Drugs Standardization, Regulation and Integration to the National Healthcare Systems in Kenya and the Globe. Int. J. Pharmacogn. Chinese Med. 3(3): 000168.
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